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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda takes place in the north of Rwanda at Volcanoes National Park which occupies a big portion of the Virunga Mountains with about 480 species of mountain Gorillas and covers approximately 2300 to 4500 meters in the south of Virunga National park Congo.

The Gorilla groups in Rwanda include those that are habituated and retained with an intention to enhance education/research by both students and scientists for example the Pablo’s Shida’s and Beetsme with the majority. The whole process of trekking begins at 7:00/7:30/8:00 am till 6:00 pm daily with a maximum of eight people per group for an hour.

Gorilla Trekking Permits

In order to get a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda, one can book with the help of a tour operative and this is advised to do prior to the date of visit so as to enhance appropriate planning. One can also book directly via the Rwanda Development Board (RDB)(Tourismrwanda.com) and attain a permit by using either email/contacts. Gorilla permits in Rwanda vary from one person to another for example;

Rwandan nationals-30,000 Frw,

East African nationals-$300,

Rwanda Occupants- $375,

Non occupants-$750

East African occupants-$450

Gorilla Families At Volcanoes National Park

Ten Mountain Gorilla Families are found here and these include the following Susa group, Umubano, Ugenda, Sabinyo, Hirwa, Karisimbi,Amahoro,Bwengye,Kwitonda and Group 13 “Agasha group”. These Include the following;

Susa Group (Susa A Family)

Examined by Dian Fossey, this group is huge with thirty eight gorillas with three silver backs which are difficult to trail due to the fact that one requires physical fitness to spot them since they are always located in hilly places especially mountains with un usual twins of five called Impano and Byishimo that are lively. The group was named after the Susa River which gushes into the habitat of gorillas. In order for one to trek this group easily, they should get in contact with the park wardens since these have knowledge about the area where the group was last spotted the previous day.

It is one of the groups that were first habituated for example Poppy a gorilla born in 1976 was preliminary in Dian Fossey’s exploration. The group is very vast with forty two members which split and led to the formation of Karisimbi gorilla group. The mother gorilla ditches one of the twins and moves on with another due to the fact that she cannot take care of both of them at the same time though Nyabitondore decided to take proper care for her twins without remorse and these tease/joke amongst other gorillas.

 Karisimbi Family (Susa-B)

Known as the Susa B or Karisimbi group after breaking up from Susa A group, this group includes fifteen members who are situated along the inclines of Mount Karisimbi Volcano at the uppermost crest in Rwanda. Trekking this group is more convenient for people interested in hiking since this group is inhabited in the lofty inclines of the Karisimbi caldera. Trekking this group is very daring since hiking takes the whole day hence some tourists find it hectic to trek. n.

Sabyinyo Gorilla Group

Sabyinyo Gorilla group was named after Sabyinyo Volcano with “Sabyinyo” meaning an old man’s teeth and is under a great silverback among all the other groups called Guhonda. This group is easily tracked due to its strategic location close to the park and Guhonda leads with Ryango an opponent who is a retired gorilla. This inspiring group has a small number of members that is eight individuals including a silverback (Guhonda), three grown up feminine, a young female and two immature gorillas with an infant gorilla as compared to other gorilla families.

Amahoro Gorilla Group

Being a peaceful gorilla group having 17 members including a silver back,two black backs,five adult females,2 juveniles,2 sub adult males and five babies.The group is known to be peaceful due to its leader called Ubumwe who is very calm, easy,simple though has unfortunately lost group members to other groups like the Umubano group under Charles. In order for one to spot the group, he/she should ascend to interact with the gorillas.

Umubano Group

This group consists of 11 members including a silverback, an adult masculine, a subordinate female with six infants and the word Umubano entails to entails to friendliness. The group originally belonged and separated from the Amahoro gorilla group after Ubumwe who was an influential silverback lost victory to Charles who started his own group. This begun when Charles got mature and couldnot bow to the ruling of Ubumwe who was the silverback leading at that time and due to this,he decided to fight him until he over threw him after a long period of time like weeks/months. After the disputes, Charles took a number of females with him hence structuring his own group called Umubano which made him influential and recognizable by Ubumwe hence bringing a peaceful interrelated connection between these two different groups.

Agasha Group(13 Group)

At the beginning of habituation,this group had only thirteen members which increased to twenty five members of today including a Silverback,12 Mature females,2 sub ordinate adult females,3 juvenile gorillas and 7 babies. Before, the group was under Nyakarima who lost victory to Agashya a name that means “the reports” since Agashya took his time reviewing the vigor and flaws of Nyakarima. After studying all this, He decided to fight Nyakarima who he over powered hence obtaining his whole group. This left Nyakarima distressed and the incident became peculiar in the history of gorillas. Agashya decided to transfer ahead of the volcano where he secured his group so as for Nyakarima not to locate them and increased the number of members in his group by stealing members from other groups and those that are homeless which hiked the number from twelve to twenty five. It is a challenging group to trek.

Kwitonda Family

With eighteen individuals, this group is led by a silverback called Kwitonda meaning “humble one” and has two silverbacks with a black back. Just like the Karisimbi group, this is also very hard to trek due to the fact that one has to move longer distances to spot it and the group is believed to have relocated from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Volcanoes National park.

Hirwa Group (which means “lucky one”)

This was formed on 17th June 2006 after a number of gorillas from two diverse groups i.e. Sabinyo and Agashya left and adjoined to create a candid group called the Hirwa Gorilla group. After formation the group was joined by other homeless gorillas and gorillas from other groups hence increasing their number to 9 members including a silverback,3 mature females,2 subordinate females with 3 infants. Although it is the newest gorilla group, Hirwa shows strength and well safeguards its members

Bwenge Family

Usually spotted along the inclines of Karisoke Volcano, the group was found in 2007 with eleven individuals and a leading silverback called Bwenge. Bwenge created this group after relocating from his birth group and uniting with female gorillas from other groups hence increasing in number and forming the Bwenge Gorilla group. The group has faced hardships for example when 6 baby gorillas lost their lives though has moved from this there by growing into a very resilient group with a tough silverback and triumphant deliveries. Trekking this group takes around 3hrs due to the fact that it is quite hectic and difficult since one has to follow trails that are mucky and vertical.

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