Rooftop Tent 4×4 Self Drive Landcruiser- Rwanda Car Rental

Planning a private guided safari to explore Akagera national Park, Lake Kivu shoes on Self drive Safari in Rwanda? Explore the wilderness of Rwanda in rooftop tent landcruiser booked at Rwanda Car Rental the leading car rental firm that offers independent travelers the freedom to get around Rwanda in rental car.

Independence with rooftop tent car in Rwanda is uncomparable to the guided Rwanda Safaris that have fixed lodges and hotels in particular dates , here in the rooftop tent , you have the freedom to amend the travel plan as per your wish granting you the chances to stay longer on certain places that may seem interesting to you as you never imagined!

Our Rooftop tent land cruisers can cross the borders from Rwanda to Tanzania , Kenya , Burundi & Uganda with optional one way Car Rental in East Africa.

Note : All our rooftop tents come with Sleeping Mosquito nets.

Rwanda Car Rental with Rooftop Tents.

The only cars that has the provision of rooftop tent being mounted on the car are the Land cruisers which are Landcruiser GX , Landcruiser V8 , Prado and Landcruiser Lx 76, 79 series for ultimate adventure in Rwanda & East Africa.

Long Term Rental with Rooftop tent.

If your planning a long term rental within Rwanda and planning to cross the borders to Uganda or Tanzania , the company grants you the chance for that. We offer great discounts for traveling planning to adventure in Rwanda like for 15 days Rwanda Safari , 30 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari.

If your traveling as  a group or family on vacation to Rwanda with long term , contact us to enjoy the best offers and complimentary like booking gorilla permit , Chimpanzee permit, free airport pick and drop for your  magical Rwanda Self drive Safari.


What better experience can a traveler on an adventurous self-drive safari in Rwanda have than renting a land cruiser with a rooftop tent? Camping on Rooftop tent jeep is a unique expedition that you should try while on Africa Safari.

Traveling in Rwanda on Rooftop Tent.

LandCruiser v8Getting around Rwanda in an exuberant way spending your nights up at the roof of your rental car with no worries of wild animals to invade your campsite. At the roof of the car, you have a good view of the sky and its star rewarding with an ecstatic view in the wild.

The 4×4 land cruiser is well known for its great comfort, combativeness, and speed on the road and your stay in the rooftop tent adds more assurance and comfort since it’s free from any ground threats.

Camping Gears included in Rooftop Tent Car

The land cruiser with a rooftop tent comes in handy with other camping gears like mattresses, camp chairs, tables, sleeping bags, torch, cooler boxes, cutlery, gas cooker, and cooking utensils.

This is unbeatable and exciting at the same time. Hiring a car with a rooftop tent enables the traveler to have a night stay at the roof of the rental car in the jungles of some of the great national parks.

Why Rooftop Tent Jeep

roof top tents in RwandaRwanda Car Rental offers 4wd Landcruiser a roof-fitted tent as part of the package. Roof-top tents are a preference for most travelers because of the perceived threat of animal encounters at night. Hippos and elephants are so completely aware of their surroundings, even in the blackest night, that it is extremely rare that a ground tent is trodden on.

In my experience, hippos don’t even nudge the guy-ropes. A tent on a vehicle roof can just as easily be torn to shreds by an elephant. But the fact is, this is such a rare occurrence, and so low on the risk scale, it doesn’t deserve a second thought.

If you do need to abandon a tent in a hurry, let it be a ground tent. Roof tents are cramped, awkward to vacate, and it’s easy to slip off the ladder! If I had to weigh up the risks of the two accommodation types, I’d place them at about equal.