With over 20 camping sites in popular destinations, Rwanda is not a camper’s paradise. Camping equipment can be rented in Rwanda Car rental to enjoy the ultimate safari journey in thousand hills.

The practical experience about camping in Rwanda is that camping sites are few and camping safaris are not popular as lodges are cheaper and discounted to make sure people enjoy the Lodging while on Road trips.

However Rwanda Car rental has been offering Camping gears to self drive travelers that really Camping at whatever cost while in the wild on Road trip adventure.  Everything you’ll need, from a tent and mattresses to cutlery and crockery, cleaning utensils and tools.

Our primary business is a fleet of 4×4 (4wd) vehicles, campers, cars and recreational vehicles available for hire for self drive purposes. The self-drive safari is a very economical, interesting and exciting way to explore the many attractions Rwanda has to offer.