Having gorilla trekking in your road trip bucket while in Africa? Gorilla trekking in Either Rwanda ( Volcanoes National Park) Congo ( Virunga National park) or Uganda ( Mgahinga & bwindi Forest national Park ) will require you to secure the gorilla trekking permit in advance. Rwanda car rental is offering extra fee services to travelers that select to use their services of car rental & Driver or Self drive car hire and they can secure a gorilla permit for any destination once approved by the responsible body that gorilla permits are available for the selected dates.

Volcanoes National Park Gorilla permitGorilla permit charges are different depending on the destination and Rwanda Car rental will sell to you the gorilla permit at flat rate like that of the Responsible body.

We offer free gorilla permit pick up for clients that booked them through the responsible body. and what you need is to notify the selling body about the gorilla permit pick up and then we collect the gorilla permit or Chimpanzee permit or Golden Monkey permit on your behalf.

How to Check Availability of the Gorilla permit in Rwanda for Self drive Travelers

You can now check the availability of Rwanda Gorilla Permits online to see if permits are available for the date you wish to trek Mountain Gorillas!

Visit the link online here.
Select Site: Volcanoes National Park
Select Product: Mountain Gorillas
Click on Desired Date
Click Check Availability

This Rwanda Gorilla Permit availability is great news for any clients who wish to ensure they book in plenty of time so as to not miss this amazing experience!, Once found out them contact us to book the gorilla permit for you.

Book your permit: Gorilla permits can be booked at the RDB Tourism and Conservation Reservation Office in person or through a Tour operator, by telephone (252 57 65 14) or via email: reservation@rwandatourism.com/ Email: Rwanda Car rental :info@rwandacarrental.com.

Procedure of how  to book the Gorilla permit

Independent Travelers planning to enjoy gorilla trekking? a Gorilla permit is a must have for a gorilla visit, which includes park entry, compulsory guides and guards. Numbers of people allowed to visit each of the groups are limited to a maximum of eight people per day, limiting the total number of daily permits to an absolute maximum of 80. Children less than 15 years are not allowed to visit the gorillas.

Bookings for gorilla permits can be made through the RDB tourist office in Kigali/ Uganda wildlife authority or Virunga National Park( Congo) or   tour company. Those visiting on a tour package will have everything arranged for them, while independent travelers can secure permits if they make reservations early on. Frustratingly, it’s not always easy to deal with the RDB/UWA/ICCN by phone or email from overseas, so it’s some times easier to book a permit through a tour operator like Rwanda Car rental and contact us .

Remember: Once you book and send your money for permits, the date cannot change. If you change a tracking date, you will be charged a cancellation fee. The Rwanda Tourism Office charges $100 for each permit date that is changed.

Cost of the Gorilla Permit in different national Parks.

Rwanda Volcanoes Gorilla permit Costs USD 750
Uganda Gorilla permit Costs USD 600 Peak Season and low Season USD 450
Lowland Gorilla permit USD 400
Mountain Gorilla Congo permit USD 400
Nyiragongo Hike Permit  USD 300.