There are few places left in this world where the horizon extends endlessly, the sound of nature echoes throughout the night and lulls you to sleep and where stars overwhelm the sky, not the other way around. This is Rwanda the land of thousand hills, a densely populated nation with vast and pristine wilderness areas. A place which has put conservation at the forefront, and in doing so, offers a traveler places to learn, explore, reflect, relax, adventure and breathe deeply while in the Jungles of thousand Hills. Nyungwe Forest national park & Volcanoes National park are famous for primates in Rwanda while Akagera National Park is famous for  wildlife, exude balance and peaceful energy. Let’s take you away from the smart phone, and the mass transit. Come join us here, where time stands still, Mountain gorilla abounds and beauty is ubiquitous.

Exceptional gorilla trekking safaris, unparalleled accommodations, – Rwanda Road trip is simply the best safari in Africa