Long Term Car Rental Rwanda: Car Hire Deals

Looking for long term Car hire in Rwanda at affordable rates? Rwanda Car Rental is offering the most reliable saloon cars, Compact Fleets, Intermedia cars & 4×4 Safari jeep with roof tents for family vacations & Self-drive trips to visit Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park for gorilla safaris.

Whether you’re taking an extended vacation n Rwanda, driving across the country from Kigali Rwanda to Kampala Uganda, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during a month-long business trip, Rwanda Car Rental offers long-term car rentals and options to rent a car monthly.

We do offer the best saloon cars for long term hire in Kigali, Gisenyi, Rusizi on self-drive, or with an experienced chauffeur that has the local content about Rwanda. The offer is valid to private individuals, Organisations within Rwanda, Uganda & Kenya.

Reasons for Monthly and Long Term Car Rentals

There are many reasons why a long-term rental might be a smart option to consider. Check out the list below for frequent scenarios that have prompted  Rwanda Car Rental customers to consider monthly car rentals:

  • Extended Trips and Vacations: The best trips are those that offer the most time and opportunity to relax and explore. When you’ve booked a trip for up to a month or longer, enjoy the convenience of a long-term car rental to get you to all those adventurous places you want to be during your time off.
  • Car Replacement: Car accidents and breakdowns are unfortunate, but they do happen. If you’re in a pinch while getting the family car repaired, an affordable monthly car rental can provide the security, comfort, and convenience you and your family need.
  • Seasonal work: Sometimes jobs require flexibility – which means opportunities to stay for a month in another city for a project, or temporarily relocating for a season or two. A long-term car rental is a great solution to the flexibility you need.
  • Overall Savings: If you’re in need of a rental car for longer than the average rental period, a monthly or long-term car rental actually turns out to be more affordable than a short-term lease or several shorter rentals.

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Self Drive in Rwanda

Opting for a self-drive in Rwanda? We can help you plan a perfect safari in Rwanda, the land of thousand hills. We can help you get all the details you need including gorilla permits, national park passes, and accommodation bookings via our reliable Safari Companies that we partner with