Rwanda the land of thousand hills is also renowned as an empire of primates and Road tripping is hot in Africa & various Companies are available to make the Self drive road trip an Epic African Adventure.( Journey into the new heart of Africa.)Check out for that Book to have true history of what Rwanda road trip is about.

 Road tripping is popular in Rwanda and Travelers wishing to visit Rwanda for road trip can be advised to read the Book written by  will ( Check out at the a mazon Stock to secure one) to make the Self drive Adventure a memorable one.

Plan for an Epic African Road trip with the 4×4 Land cruiser Prado and Enjoy the view of the land of thousand hills to explore the beauty of Rwanda with a rented fleet from Rwanda Car rental.  Get the Cheapest Car hire in Rwanda to go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda to Ensure you enjoy the primates.

Pre Booked Safaris to Rwanda

Rwanda Car rental creates tailor-made holidays to Explore the Epic view of what primates are to be visited in Rwanda in their respective destinations like Gorilla trekking & Golden  in Volcanoes Rwanda, Wildlife game drives in Akagera National Park and Chimps trek & Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park with Simple nature walk in Gishwati National Park the newest National Park in Rwanda that is ideal for birding Adventures. Road trip expeditions to Rwanda are available for Students and Family Sized trips at Rwanda car rental the destination experts in car rental for Self drive Safaris or Guided safaris on tight Budget.

Epic Road trip to Rwanda can be extended to cover some other parts of near by countries hence making multi country road trips to Congo Safaris ( DRC) Uganda Self drive trips ( pearl of Africa) right away from the land of thousand hills.  Rwanda Car rental has created a new genre of travel, called “transformative travel,” by creating exceptional, mind-expansive journeys that inspire, captivate, and thrill. Check out some Safaris to Rwanda

Rwanda Car rental has exceptional, firsthand expertise in travel to the above destinations including Nyiragongo Hike during the visit to Congo. We have been to every hotel and enjoyed every experience that we recommend and can explain in great detail to you the nuances of the experiences you are selecting between. To offer this exceptional breath of experiences and ensure only the most exciting, authentic and special experiences possible. Request for

Extras at Rwanda road trips.

  • Free Airport Pick & Drop
  • free road map
  • Gorilla & Chimpanzee permit Booking
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Car Rental Drivers

Trust the experts of Rwanda Car rental to ensure you enjoy a stress free Road trip in Africa.

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