Gisakura Guest House is located in 2km outside the Nyungwe National Park close to the Gisakura Tea Estate precisely on the road from Park to Ruzizi former Cyangugu.

Guest House offers you to visit Chimpanzees, Different trails, Canopy walkway, Bird species of Central African Highlands, More than 120 orchid species, various trees species, Colobus troop living on the Gisakura Tea Estate and Vervet monkeys occasionally pass through the grounds.


Bar and Restaurant

Gisakura Guest House welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting for the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner and sometimes a quick takeaway lunch when you are still visiting Nyungwe National Park. The restaurant puts an honor point to satisfy the dishes more delicate: cook of Rwanda and international; guest house staff will fold themselves gladly to an extremely satisfaction along your stay at Guest house.

Guest House welcomes you in its quiet environment with an extremely calm.

Where you can take a drink to reheat the soul and revitalize your confidential refreshment. Thus, that you have the taste for the Rwanda tea, coffee, that you have the taste for the fresh drinks, you will attain your higher degree of happiness. In fact, it’s in this confidence climate that may refresh your mind along your visit in Nyungwe National Park.


Our accommodation is extremely cheap and comfortable. Rooms are of three types furnished with shower and no worries hot water is always available from electric heater when needed.

Rooms are differently classified and named according to various attractions found in Nyungwe national park:

Double room: Chimpanzee house

Double room: Canopy walkway

Double room: Waterfall trail

Twin room: Turaco house

Twin room: Colobus house

Triple room: Monkey house

Book your room earlier and confirm one week before coming because you get at Guest House being sure for availability of rooms or other service needed.